JDH Electrics have gone 3 Phase! This week our electricians converted an installation in Chippenham, Newmarket to 3 Phase to meet the power hungry requirements of several Electric Vehicles. The EV chargers will now be capable of fast charging. The dwelling is Listed so great care had to be taken including months of planning & designing. There is now a large distribution circuit to feed the plant room & future electric vehicles. We included new circuits wiring in conduit for external sockets and camper-van hookup. At the same time we installed power to the summer house for sockets, lighting, underfloor heating and garden irrigation systems.

The electrical installation is protected with a large surge protection device (SPD) helping to minimise the effects of lightning strikes and power surges.

This is the initial part of the project with complete rewiring to follow… Look out for future posts!

Old Single Phase Consumer UnitsNew Main Incomer with Hager DB

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