Here are some things to consider when you’re choosing a place for your charge point.

  • Do you want the charge point to be hidden or on view? Whether you have a tethered or untethered charge point will make a difference here, you may not want the tethered cable to look like a coiled garden hose on the front of your house
  • Where is the charging port on your EV located? Some are easy enough – right on the front, but others are on a side, or even further back where you’d normally have a fuel filler cap
  • Factor in the length of the charging cable. Even on a private drive, a cable can present a very serious trip hazard
  • The charger will also require access to your home wifi signal to take advantage of the smart tools, such as remote charging and access to off-peak energy tariffs, so it may not want to be at the furthest corner from your router