JDH Electrics specialise in full rewires where required and we manage the project from start to finish including design, installation & full testing. Our team are experts in cabling and provide a competitive & compliant, neat & efficient rewire service. Our rewires include a 18th edition new consumer unit, all switches and sockets at your desired location, all cabling and materials.

In addition we can install new circuits almost anywhere in the house outside or in a garage – either recessed & hidden or surfaced mounted to your requirements. Including circuits for; showers, kitchen appliances and cookers, ovens, socket outlets, or additional lighting points.

Our electricians also wire extensions, loft conversions, new rooms or re-wiring older residential buildings – ask us for a free estimate. Moreover we can also check any existing wiring giving it a thorough inspection to ensure effective and safe electrical performance in your domestic property.

Do I need a rewire?

There are no hard and fast rules. Simply because wiring is old, doesn’t mean it is unsafe. That is to say wear and tear can vary depending on type of materials and previous usage. See below a few examples that could lead to a rewire being recommended:

  • Poor insulation readings

  • Circuit breakers that trip regularly

  • Unsafe wiring

  • Rubber, fabric or lead-insulated cabling. Modern wiring is PVCu coated, coloured grey or white, and twin-earthed.

  • No earth at light points with metal accessories

  • Poor uncompliant / unsafe DIY work

  • Slight shocks from switches and outlets

  • Frequently flickering or dimming lights

  • Damaged or exposed wires and cables

  • Fire Damaged Rewires

  • Flood Damaged Rewires

  • Cable cancer (Green Goo / Green Slime) – Check your switches, sockets & pendants out for this condition to make sure you are safe particularly if your cable was installed between 1965 & 1971! It is a breakdown of the insulation and results in ‘Green Goo’ a fairy liquid type substance leaking out of the cables where the copper reacts agains the PVC which deteriorates over time.

Green Goo
Cable Cancer Leaking in light

What’s involved during a rewire?

Rewiring can cause major disruption and so it is best to vacate rooms while the work is being done. Therefore floor coverings and floor boards may have to be pulled up and channels / chases made in the walls for the new cables, ceilings may also need holes in them / plasterboard taken down. If rewiring is needed, it should be done before any plastering and decoration is carried out and around the same time as any plumbing and central heating installation.

In addition to rewiring for power and lighting, it is important to make sure there are a sufficient number of sockets and switches to meet your needs and those of the modern homebuyer, during a rewire is the ideal time to change the location and amount of switches and sockets.

How long does a rewire take?

The duration required when rewiring a house will depend on a number of factors, for example: is the property occupied and the accessibility to install new cabling being the main elements that cause delay. As a guideline a 3 bedroom house will take around 5 – 7 days to complete.

Other factors include:

  • Are floorboards available to be lifted upstairs?
  • Are ceilings down / able to come down if floorboards cannot be lifted? Or small holes can be made in ceilings to minimise damage!
  • Is there furniture that needs to be moved?
  • Do all circuits need to be kept on?
  • Is there access to loft-space?
  • Complexity of cable routes
  • Specification of the project e.g. number of sockets & lights, grid switch arrangements, downlighting, outside lighting, etc

Need a rewire or not sure?

Send us a message here or give us a call and we can come and take a look to check if you need a rewire, moreover we can provide any recommendations on the electrical installation and provide a free no-obligation quote for any works required.


We undertake all types of electrical work – no project is too big or too small.


We specialise in full rewires where required and manage the project from start to finish including design, installation & full testing. Our team are experts in cabling and provide a competitive & compliant, neat & efficient re-wire service.



Additions & alterations to wiring including modifications, terminations of unused circuits, extensions of cabling, new sub main armoured cable to new distribution board or outside buildings.



Additional lighting circuits & fixtures, relocate luminaries & switches & 2 way lighting controls. Outside automatic lighting to come on when it gets dark, security lighting and modern switched lighting fixtures.



Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) to check the safety & condition of installations. Previously known as Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)


Fault Finding

We can investigate faults or things that are just not quite right for example nuisance tripping or sockets and lights not working.


CCTV & IP Cameras

Security IP Cameras & CCTV Recorders.


AV – Audio Video

Audio Visual specialists including; sound, projection & home cinema installations.



Data cabling, Internet, telephone & Structured Cabling in domestic, commercial offices and classrooms



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